Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I see this guy every morning so I've made up a back story for him. He's a german mechanic named Hans.  He walks to work everyday and he loves to work on air cooled cars but usually has to work on boring old water cooled cars. Air cooled is his real passion.
But he loves working on cars so much that it really doesn't matter that much in the end.  He owns a yellow vw thing.  He got a tattoo on his forearm to demonstrate his love for wrenching.  He probably smokes tobacco out of a pipe.

Today he was wearing a cute little white sweater!!!

Sorry if the colors are blinding you...they look fine on this cintiq but on my monitor they are blown out. Could just be my monitor though...
Edit: Brought the brightness down a smidge.


Aaron said...

So that's what he looks like! Nice one Sid.

Buttsaver said...

Looks good. I think your dad should grow his moustache like that again!