Thursday, May 13, 2010

something other than a birthday card

Well folks it's been a busy month (that last one, April) what with taking a bit of my finger off and moving!
I also retired the pencil during this time. Tonight is the first time I've drawn in a while. I feel rusty but energetic. Maybe that was the cappucino though?
I want to draw more but life gets in the way. If only I didn't have to work.....ever.

This the only drawing I enjoyed from the coffee shop and also the only one I bothered to scan. It is of me, Janis, Meghan and Patty. Its epic. The End.


John Young said...

nice drawings, sid. let's do lunch sometime, how 'bout next friday?

Meg Shaw said...

Ha! I love that me and Patti look the same except I have more teeth.

janis said...

i like how hot i am. ;)